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Monday, April 03, 2006

The fourth-coming

Hello. Well, it's been a hell of a weekend. I had a good few moments and a few moments that were frightening. I am definitely expecting too much of myself. What I am beginning to realize is that I tend to blow off steam. Going through a period in your life such as this can open the door to a lot of opportunities but you can definitely break down if you are not prepared emotionally. After meeting this person who graciously gave me a place to stay, I began to wonder why. There has to be a reason. What does this person expect from me? I found out several things, although I still do not know the full story. The building in which he lives in is part of the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) program. They house people who need some sort of assistance with their lives whether it be emotionally or physically. They also house people of low-income status and immigrants, Russians being the majority in this area. Where does that leave this person? He seems perfectly capable of taking care of himself. He is attending a school, studying sound engineering among other things. Why does he feel he can help me? How did he obtain this sort of subsidized housing? We have not talked much about that but my guess is that, from where he comes from, Columbia, that is their custom. Reaching out to those in need. I found it a bit strange, being an American. Let's face it, we treat each other like shit.
I went to a place in West Hollywood called Hamburger Mary's on Thursday which hosted kareoke. Singing is one way to vent fustration be it through humor or through passion. I sing for the passion of it. The crowd consisted of mostly locals, both young and old, gay and straight. I sang Vertigo, originally performed by U2. It is not an easy song to sing. I did quite well after a couple of verses. I did not do much of any thing else this weekend. While walking to the library, I talked to an author whom I met a year ago. It is always a pleasure to see him. We always talk about writing. A well-spoken individual, I must say. Occasionally, he will smoke a cigarette on the balcony of his home. I use the Beverly Hills library to post these entries and do research or just enjoy myself. I've rediscovered the joy of reading which I've suppressed so many years. The only thing I would pick up is a New York Post to read the scandalous gossip on the rich and famous as well as the infamous in New York and all over the world. I did not get a chance to post a picture but it will probably be posted this week.