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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lolling and Trolling

I've received an email today from a person who responded to yesterday's entry (Hello) that was heartfelt. You can read it by clicking on "3 comments". I really do feel people can perceive the yuckiness but not turn away in disgust and then turn around, spitting on the sidewalk(that's an exaggeration). It always excites me when someone responds and compliments my writing, I've never really written before. What convinced me to write was meeting an actual writer who told me, with a British accent, "You should write something, you observe everything.". He was referring to my demeanor. I never really look down while walking down the street, I always look at the architecture and cars as well as people. There are so many ferrari's and Bentleys and Lotus's in this town and I always try to guess who's in them driving or in the passenger seat. It's also fun to try and guess what people are thinking. What's not so fun is watching people mope, their shoes sloshing on the concrete. I always get intimidated when I see a couple walk by with a baby in his or hers carriage. More families moving into the neighborhood. What about the intensity someone could feel while walking by a Mexican. I'm referring, of course, to the new illegal immigration law but you have to wonder why an American citizen can't get affordable housing. By the way, while walking on Rodeo Drive today (on my way to the library), I ran into Larry King. He is very tall. I've always assumed he was short because he wears suspenders while on set, interviewing. I didn't get to say anything to him, like: "Hello, Mr. King, congragulations on all of your success.", he was on his cellphone. I am pondering posting a picture of myself but on the other hand, it may be better not to, as a way of remaining mysterious. Tell me what you, the readers, think, by posting a comment. It would give me insight on how I should proceed with this blog. In the next couple of days, I will go further into detail on this past year, 2005 and the events which lead me to what I'm currently experiencing.