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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Missed a Few Days

Well, it's Sunday and I missed few days. I stayed in a hotel room for two nights in Hollywood for a bit of R and R but now its back to square one. Things should get better in the next month or two, depending on what the Department of Public Social Services wants to do with me as a client. I'm hoping they will have housing available for me for the next nine-month period. I really do want become a productive member of society and be able to enjoy my life as well, without any restraints. I ran into the author again while walking to the library in Beverly Hills, we had a nice chat. I also ran into to another acquaintance while crossing the street in West Hollywood a few days ago. He is very busy screening his movie for potential mass exposure. I still have not had a chance to post a picture of myself, my budget being very small but I will sometime this month. This, I believe, is my second week posting entries on this blog. I feel a sense of relief knowing I have a place I call home, be it virtual. Til' next time.