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Friday, May 20, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Howard Stern/Robin Quivers

Howard Stern always does things to the maximum.... so to speak... so a few years ago... he had a promotion for his new show. His idea was....uh.... to give a way...... ten.... thousand..... radios... of good quality...mind you...with one year of Sirius service... for free! Wow! It was all done in Union Square which is in New York City. I think that about 15,000 people showed up instead so not everyone got a radio but....... I got one! 

It was a fantastic radio and I absolutely love Sirius... which is now SiriusXm. I didn't like Xm radio for some reason. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different channels that were available. The encounter only lasted for about two minutes and I was grateful for receiving such a gift.... how generous of him... but the actual reason why I showed up to get the radio was because.... I absolutely love his show! 

I've listened to his show every morning for a few years when he was on terrestrial radio.... how hilarious it is! I would simply laugh myself into a tizzy. The crowd was fairly tame despite the frenzy. It seemed like the give-a-way was organized well. Howard Stern stood on a stage and quipped with the crowd as his staff helped to hand out the radios. I'm sure that people were thankful and that the promotion garnered numerous subscriptions.... know what I'm sayin'?