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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Donatella Versace

The first time that I saw her was when she was shopping in Santa Monica on the Third Street Promenade but that's not when I had the encounter with her. She had two huge bodyguards with her when I first saw her and one of them had an umbrella to fend off the paparazzi with. She looked amazing in a ski suit so I guess that she was going on a ski trip.....duh!

The second time that I saw her and actually spoke to her was in a Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf parking lot in Santa Monica. I saw that she had a cigarette so.... I asked her for one and she obliged. She was sitting in the back seat of a limo and her driver did not like it when I spoke to her but..... she calmed him down! How awesome is that! I walked away with the cigarette after thanking her and stuck my tongue out at the driver as if to proclaim victory!

I absolutely love the clothing and will shop in the boutiques that are owned by her when I do become successful. Gianni Versace's death was extraordinarily unfortunate. I'm sure that she was devastated but is doing a fantastic job of taking helm of the corporation because it is wildly successful. I've met one other designer as well and I'll write about that in another post.