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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm posting yet another entry. It's only because this particular computer (which slow as hell) is available at the express 10 minute limit section of computer internet consoles. After checking my email, I have learned of two new comments! This is getting exciting! Imagine what I could do if I actually had a laptop computer.

Please take to heart, none of my opinions are not directed towards anybody commenting or anyone else in particular, for that matter. I did not mention anyone who commented. Hello! These are opinions I've posted from what I've observed. We are living in a very dangerous, self-destructive age. It is only right that I preserve myself. Nothing makes sense. Do you know why? Well, it's because no one makes the effort (please refer to the "unleash the power" entry). If you feel suppressed, your going to act it. That's all I'm saying. Wankers!

If people made the effort to be more diplomatic, then perhaps people living poor, wouldn't actually mind living poor, right?! Have you ever thought about that way? I don't mind living on $2,000 a month ($25,000 a year, roughly). I should, though, have the same anemities as someone who makes more. What that means is, though my apartment may be simpler, it should have descent plumbing and...well, you know what the hell I mean. That's quality of life.

Some people do not get enough sleep, do too much fucken drugs or drink too much alcohol and yet they are getting six figure salaries. The same would go for someone who makes next to nothing. Here's the difference: Leaders and followers; they'll always be around. As long as I keep my perspective, I'm going to lead.

You, the reader, should understand and try to learn from this blog, it has a lot of insight. By the way, I've sent an email to Google Ads about their selection process. Apparently, they love gossip, so send them an email expressing your interest to see ads posted on this blog. Maybe, as I've planned when first started this blog out, I can prosper from this particular art, just like everyone else. If they can do it, so can I.
I just ate in a soup kitchen. The food was mediocre. Oh, do I detect some cynicism here. I bet someone reading this is saying to themselves, 'He's gotta be satifisfied with what he's got.'. Until that mentality changes, we are never going to solve the homeless problem. Until we come up with concrete solutions and stop being passive, you're going to end up on the street too. Hello!

I certainly hope, whoever is reading this blog, is enjoying it. Yeah, the people with connections are going to make money but so am I, with your help. It doesn't happen with magic. It takes effort. Donate something (preferably money) or write a letter to your congressman. I'm doing my part by reporting what I see, that's the purpose of this blog, to give you, the reader, insight.

If you don't do something now, real estate developers will buy your property from your landlord if it is rented. If you own it, the bank will foreclose on the property unless you get a fixed rate or refinance. So, don't comment by saying it's too bad, do something about it.

If you like my blog, tell other people about it. Maybe they might want to donate something. I do have a wishlist. I also need a really good guitar and amp, with rehearsal space. Why should these other bloggers reap the benefits of posting online?


If you read the comment posted yesterday, you'll get the sense of what some of the people in this country are thinking right now. If you want to think that way, by all means, go right ahead, I'm not going to stop you but I'll tell you one thing, you guys need some prozac.

Depression has lead this country into a serious funk. People just don't know how to rock out anymore and if you think I'm going to say to myself, 'Oh, well, the rich will get all the money.', your dead wrong. It's one thing to be aware of it and another to accept it. That's pure martyrdom. That's sick. You might as well whip yourself until you bleed, freak.

What I don't appreciate is people reading my blog without a sense of purpose. I don't want people who feel there's nothing you can do. Why? How the hell are you going to help me, then? There are talented people out there and you could write to your congressman to stop real estate development firms from purchasing certain buildings deemed rent-controlled, right? Or, you could go to a city council meeting and tell people about this blog and give them a reason why it's unique.

Maybe they'll get the fucken message. Don't you see, people, what's going on? Are you just going to sit there and mope? If you are, don't bring me down with you. You're just going to lose in the end.