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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Eli Davidson

Eli Davidson is a blogger for the Huffington Post as well as a motivational speaker. I met her yesterday while walking in the Grove mall and while she was looking for a Michael Kors store. I thought that I would be helpful so I directed her towards the store while discovering who she was for I failed to recognize her. It was one of those moments when you are caught with your pants down..... so to speak.

She has a book out called Funky To Fabulous that has won numerous awards and has sold quite a few copies. It's a book about helping yourself in times when everything has come to pass and the challenges seem evident. That's the kind of thinking that I encompass. I'll take on a challenge at any time and I'm the type of person who turns a bad situation into a good one....if you know what I mean....but with perspective as well as a good perception of what is going on around me.

Part of success is being prepared with the tools as well as the information that a person might need while taking on the task at hand. I've always like to be organized so that when things are flipped around then I can stand up to the challenge...but sometimes it's good to just become neutral....sort of like being in a meditative things just might be a bit out your control....and then a storm of ideas or whatever it is that the person is waiting for....comes through. I guess it's like quieting your mind.

Her blog features helpful tips for women and is fun to read. It can be a ruthless world out there if you're not prepared and people most certainly have to take the bull by the horns only to swing it around a few times so that it becomes dizzy. I absolutely love it when people take charge but loathe when people use that ability to make other people's lives nearly impossible to live.....but that's part of the process of evolution.