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Monday, May 15, 2006

A New Friend

Well, it's Monday. I ran into someone yesterday who is in the same situation, homeless and is a songwriter and guitar player. He is about my age and is looking for a singer. He's waiting for a job, he will purchase a guitar amp and guitar, allowing him to make music. We'll be working together in the future. I see him all the time. There are plenty of creative people out there who need a place to stay, it's about time this gentrification bullshit ends, it's stifling creativity. Everytime I go to a coffee shop, there's always a problem with the coffee. It could be coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup or stale coffee that has been sitting out too long. Or a disgruntled employee, waiting to ruin someone's day. These business's attract revenue and a particular customer (the same customer's that like to show their dogs off, thinking it's cute) but they also attract a mindset, ignorance and instant self-gratification. Did you ever see the movie Bulworth? It was released a couple of years ago and has been airing on Cinemax a lot lately. It is about a senator going through a middle-age crisis who decides to blow the whistle on campaign financing and just politics in general. He hangs out with a girl from South Central, L.A. called Nina and starts rapping, smoking marijuana and djing. It's very entertaining because it was fun to see a politician let lose. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, I won't tell you happens in the end. It is a riveting and intense film. Gun's N Roses performed in New York City over the weekend. The review in today's Daily Variety magazine of their concert on Friday, May 12th was great. They were given a head's up. There was a moment in the concert when Axl Rose, the frontman said, after singing one of his new, unreleased songs, "You fuckers really know how to download!". I guess he wasn't too happy over the leak of one of his songs. I hope they come to L.A. to play a few gigs. I would purchase a ticket without hesitation or try to sneak in somehow. The couch I've been sleeping on is standing upright now, in an attempt to have it disposed of. I guess the garbage men forgot to pick it up. It's been sitting there for three weeks straight. I didn't attempt to put it back in place, I don't want any attention in that manner. Besides, in a few more weeks, I'll eligible to re-apply for General Relief. Hopefully, they'll (the Department of Public Social Services) get it right this time. I also hope there will be a room available.