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Monday, June 19, 2006

Not Fair

Alright, I'll try to lessen the foul language but fuck, I've just viewed some other blogs and these people are making fucking thousands of dollars a month in advertising revenue. They're all just fucken trashy gossip blogs with pictures of Paris Hilton dancing and smoking a cigarette in a fucken club. This sucks. That's not fair. I'll bet some fucken rich dude started that website and reaps all the benefits because he has all the right connections to all the parties.

In the meantime, I've got this blog, writing about sleeping on a fucken couch in an alleyway, getting arrested by cops for nothing and going to soup kitchens. No wonder nobody reads this blog. No wonder Google Ads turned me down. Who wants to read this shit?

Invisible Enemy

Hey guys, it's a terrific day today. I saw three movies this weekend. Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black, about a priest who becomes a wrestler to raise money for the orphanage. There's a lot of satire in this movie. It pokes fun at religion. Good for them. The other one was RV, starring Robin Williams. It's about a guy who takes family on vacation in an RV. It's hilarious, there's a lot of poo-poo and pee-pee jokes. Last but not least, is Garfield 2, A Tale of Two Kitties. It stars Bill Murray as Garfield and is a fun-filled family movie. Good for them.

On a more serious note, I have read an article in a weekly newspaper about the federal consent decree. It is designed to reform local law agencies and was instilled after an incident with a man and the police. Sort of like that Rodney King incident. The only thing is, it's not being followed. The police have a database and are allowed to arrest anyone they deem suspicious of gang activity or terrorism. So much for that, what the hell is that all about.

No one is charged with heading the department that puts out this database, so it's kind of like Al Queda. It's invisible! You can't see it or touch it. Like God. Something that exists but in only in your mind. This department is funded by the public through the state attorney general's office. They mostly target gang members but pretty much look for anybody, so homeless people are susceptible.

So much for rehabilitation. Anyway, I had the honor of meeting the new singer of the Doors Friday night! His name is Alan. He is recording with the band in Burbank, I think. He was gracious enough invite me to his table with his girlfriend. MMMM. No, nothing happened but he's met Axl Rose. How cool is that? He says that Axl Rose is a quiet guy in person. I can imagine.