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Monday, April 11, 2011

I missed a day.... but that's okay. I was walking around town yesterday.... and meeting people. I'm the type of person that could go up to people and say the craziest things. I also make faces at people. I would love to go to clown school. That's a profession that I would definitely consider.... or a job where I would make babies cry on cue in films by making faces at them. I've made a baby cry once by making a face. I guess they get scared. Dogs are like that too.

Today is when I asked these people who were leaving Warner Brothers studios to put me in a movie out of the blue. One of them was a producer! They just laughed...... but I would love to be in a movie or two. I was cast once in a music video.... but couldn't make the shoot. Guess who they cast instead.... at the last minute.... for my part? They cast Luis Guzman! How cool is that?! For those of you who don't know who he is.... just google him! Anyway.... tomorrow is when I will post stories of my celebrity encounters. I love meeting celebrities..... especially the ones who have accomplished so much. They're the inspiring ones.