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Monday, June 05, 2006

Welcome...To The Jungle

Well, after going to the D.P.S.S. (that's Department of Public Social Services)today, I have learned I will have to wait another two months before I can apply for General Relief. I was able to get assistance for food, though. It will only last one week, unless I buy peanut butter and jelly with a package of bread, walking around with it. I'm not going to do that. I'm thinking what I'm going to do for two months while I wait.

It's becoming increasingly hard to maintain the mindset needed when you are homeless. It is not easy. Maintaining an exceptional level of self-esteem and confidence is challenging. You are constantly self-conscious of your body odor and appearance. It's also difficult finding people to have a conversation with at a coffee shop or the beach. Everyone is furious and tense, looking over their shoulder. It's pretty funny, actually. I always chuckle when I see that sort of behavior. Freaks. You can also become deluded. Well, Sunny and friends, the library is closing, 'til tommorrow.

"Crazy Thing To Do Today" Thought: Dance in the middle of the street in traffic during rush hour.