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Monday, June 06, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Macaulay Culkin

Everyone knows who this celebrity is. If you don't..... then you must have your head in the sand to look for an ostrich would. I met Macaulay in New York City a few years back when he was still with his wife. He has one of the most fascinating lives of any celebrity and is extraordinarily bow-legged..... I mean.... extraordinarily. I can only imagine how many pairs of shoes that he goes through.

He was walking down the street with his wife on Broadway in the East Village and I asked him for a quarter.... to no avail...... while briskly walking past me. I knew who he was but was more interested in the quarter than anything else! New York City is a tough place to live in.... .mind you. I'm sure that he's a nice person nevertheless.

After garnering success from his childhood films then he pretty much stayed out of the spotlight to focus on his personal life. He's been in a few films since then..... but he primarily focuses on writing. An interesting fact that a lot of people don't know is that he is the godfather to Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr. and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

I thoroughly enjoyed his work in the Home Alone movies. What fun movies those were...but whatever happened to films of that nature? The simple answer would be that those types of films have evolved into animated films....but I could be wrong. I thought about that possibility this morning after seeing an advertisement for the new Kung-fu Panda movie....which should be a spectacle. One of the things that I admire about Hollywood production companies is the creative aspect...... which seems tantalizing to me.