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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Windy Night

Boy, it was windy last night. It was chilly as well. I managed the tormentuous weather by sleeping in a cardboard box located behind a high-end, up-scale clothing store. I am still pretty excited about receiving the email from the editor of Variety magazine, he suggested I email the Los Angeles Times which I have done. I am waiting for a response from Adsense, there is an application process. In the meantime, I am working part-time, allowing me to get some R and R(Rest and Relaxation) once or twice a week. It really is a waste of money, since the occupancy tax is 14% of the rate. I would rather sleep outside until I can get into an SRO (Single Room Occupancy) unit, in a military surplus sleeping bag. They are designed for this type of weather. I've had one before, so I know. I am going to start writing in my blog about my experiences before I started posting. This is my twelfth blog posting, I believe but I have been in Los Angeles since February of last year, 2005.