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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stubborn Fog

There is a stubborn fog that just won't lift from Los Angeles and elsewhere. People may find it kind of depressing. It is certainly making me sleepy. Cloudy days always make me sleepy. Since that couch in the alleyway is no longer available, I've had to find alternatives. The gate to the underground parking lot I found Sunday night was closed last night, so I slept on a mattress behind a dumpster for the same building. I think the building of some sort of drug rehabilitation center, the facade doesn't look like your ordinary residential building. Normally on the 1st day of the month, I would receive $221 from the county of Los Angeles, through the Department of Public Social Services but since that's no longer happening, I felt a little moody. At the least, it would've provided me with a few days of well deserved rest. Everything will be in order soon though, when I reapply (ironically, it would be during the summer). I'm starting to feel like some sort of Buddhist monk, wearing the same clothing everyday and passively coping with this situation. Not cool. I'm not a particular fan of Buddhism and I'm very materialistic (let me clear my throat). I like clothing and I have style. This for me, is extremely fustrating but just what are you going to do? You can't admonish your integrity. Sometimes, in order to feel better, I would imagine $1000 in my pocket and going on a shopping spree.