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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wondrous Day

Finally, today sun actually broke through the marine layer that has hanging over our heads. Great beach weather. I went to participate in the survey the University of Southern California is conducting and I was paid for it. It was pretty fun, answering those questions for two hours. I guess a team of psychiatrists are trying to figure out how to create advertising for safe sex. I told them to display a 6-foot condom on a billboard. Underneath that condom displayed would say "Use It". They also asked how I would convince another man I'm having sex with to use a condom. I told them, "I would tell the man I'm having sex with to put the condom on to cover the cheese.". Just a little disgusting humor. I've had sex with other men before but what they are trying to figure out, I guess, is how to get men who like having sex with other men without a condom to use one. Good luck. Doctors, scientists and psychiatrists should just focus on a vaccine for the AIDs virus, we need one. People, through impulse, are going to have sex regardless, at any location. I have sex with woman too. Woman are just as impulsive, if not even more so. Did you ever fuck a woman in a bathroom? I haven't but I've had sex in a bathroom with a man. Why don't I have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you ask? It's difficult to meet people for that purpose when you cannot afford a place to live. People are generally weary and distrustful. If you tell them you're homeless, they going to think you are going to steal something from their home. Some people already know I'm homeless with me telling them. They smell it. Mmmm. Can you smell that stench? There are a lot of gorgeous trees in Los Angeles. I always stop to look at them. The butterflies are around too, lots of them, as well as wasps and bees. I stay away from wasps and bees. I look at the flowers carefully. Oh, I forgot to mention, I saw Larry King again yesterday entering a Jewish deli for breakfast. I had a pretty good breakfast myself, a smoked salmon bagel sandwich. Mmmm. That fishy taste.