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Monday, May 02, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Fiona Apple

I used to work in a Gap store that's located in Century City. My job there was to simply stock and fold clothing. It was a much better company back then because they had a haberdashery section with beautiful loafers that were made in Italy and stuff like that..... beautiful stuff. I was doing my job one day when a beautiful girl and her friend walked by me so I said to the beautiful woman that she looked like a soap opera actress.

She looked at me and told me to go fuck myself....... just kidding. She looked at me and said that I look like a soap opera actor and then I just smiled at her. I didn't recognize her which was odd but I found out who she was when her friend mouthed it to me. She just whispered her friend's name as to not cause a stir in the store. Lord only knows that had she said it out loud then it would've caused a riot.....not!

Another odd thing was that one of Fiona Apple's songs was playing in the store..... she might have come into the store for that reason but I doubt it because she seemed to be attracted to me and that was the reason why she entered the store..... maybe. It was another one of those encounters when I could've gotten the person's number and we could've ..... know.....well.....just use your imagination.... okay?