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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Soup Kitchen

Today I ate at a soup kitchen in Beverly Hills at a Presbyterian Church. Only about forty people show up at this location. They serve you a stew with turkey and beans. It is yummy, I'll have to admit. They also serve ice cream. There is a woman volunteering there who knows some city councilman. I gave her my blog address because I felt the city councilman might want to know what's going on with today's struggling American citizens my age. I forgot to mention an incident that occurred a couple of days ago. I was sitting in front of a coffee shop when a man of Jewish faith came up to me and asked if I would like something to eat. I asked him: "How do you know I need something to eat?" "You asked someone for a cigarette", he replied. Then I said "Well, how about buying me a pack of cigarettes?" He obliged. As we were walking to the gas station to buy cigarettes, I was peppering him with questions about himself. Is this person trying to redeem himself by doing good to someone strange on the street? After buying the cigarettes, we go to a supermarket to purchase half a chicken. I thanked him and walked away, still intrigued.