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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tooting and Beeping

Last night, I bumped into a friend of mine and stayed at his house. This is someone I met a year ago. He is a vocal and piano instructor. We had a conversation and had a nice time. I really enjoyed it. When I left in the morning, he gave a Toblerone bar from Swizterland and a pair of gorgeous blue socks to wear. Unfortunately, the bar melted in the sun but I still enjoyed it. I sucked the melted chocolate out of the wrapper and chewed on the nuts. Besides that, it was a relatively calm day yesterday after I visited the City Hall of West Hollywood. It is a gorgeous day today with sunny skies, no clouds in sight and a comfortable breeze. It is a perfect day for sailing. I am now posting ads on this blog. Everytime a person clicks on an ad and visits the website advertising on this blog, I get revenue! Perhaps, that will solve my homelessness issue! I hope my efforts to bring awareness to this problem will pay off someday and bring together a strong community of people who are empathetic with the problem. I see a lot of homeless people in the Los Angeles area that I never really talk to but hopefully, if administrators read this blog, or anybody else for that matter, they can put themselves in my shoes and see what's going on through my eyes, as I guide them gently through the forest of fester. In a couple of days, I will put together a wish list of things I feel I need. I am not expecting anybody to respond to it, it is a list that is just food for thought. Ultimately, I do see myself as a writer. I feel comfortable doing this. It gives me great pride and joy.