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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dogs and Cats

I like writing because when you write, you can have fun. One of the ways of having fun is with words, which is what I do. Anybody reading this blog can interpret what they read any way they want, it's just fun. I ran into a friend who is in town writing a story of his life in the form of a screenplay. We had a heated conversation about my situation ( he's penniless as well).

What most people recommend is taking care of the situation by getting a full-time job. Wrong. That's not how you do it. People think getting a full-time job is going to get a person off the streets and into a home within the first two weeks of getting paid?

That would work if someone gave me a place to stay, sure, that seems pretty logical. I don't know anybody who would do that. I have to rely on myself. Part of the problem is lack of affordable housing. While I am lucky I do not have the debt most people my age have, I also lack the credit rating most people have, which means mistrust on the landlord's part.

There aren't enough places where I can take a shower and carrying all my clothing- hygiene products with me would make the employer suspicious. The employer will eventually suspect something is wrong. So you see, this is one of those situations you must consider carefully. I am doing that, I know what's best for me, don't you know what's best for you? I'm sure you do.

The person I was talking to yesterday was a former executive from Texas who was once a multi-millionare. He spent every penny of it. Good for him, I would've too (while putting some aside!). I will have money some day. I consider myself fortunate because I'm learning from other people's mistake, not mine. Sure, I've made mistakes too but not the kind other people are making.

I've just written to Vanity Fair magazine about the incident with the Beverly Hills police, which occurred a couple of weeks ago. A particular reporter, Dominick Dunne, writes about this topic in his column. They might get back to me, who knows. They have once already. I think they like the way I write.

"Crazy Thing To Do Today" thought: Create a model-size house with construction paper.