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Friday, June 09, 2006

Smashed...Rotten Bananas

I have received an interesting comment from an anonymous commenter (Sunny). Yes, the good times are coming, it's bye-bye Christian, right-wing movement (at least let's hope so) and hello libertarian movement (you can thank Bill Maher for that). How do I fit in the picture? Well, I'll probably end up in a band. I've just finished meeting up with a talented guitar player and we're figuring out a way to get some rehearsal space so that we can practice. We need to practice day and night. If he and I get that space, fuck everything else, I'm going for the gold, ramming everyone else ahead of me. Fuck these college bands.

Anyway, I'm late posting an entry because the website was down for a while. I've been sleeping on a sofa in an alleyway and there are smashed, rotten bananas right beside the sofa. How cool is that? I've also contacted every news agency about the incident with the Beverly Hills police department a couple of weeks ago. Let's see what happens.

It's very hard to blog because you need a laptop computer with a cellular chip in it that picks up signal from one of the telephone companies. In order for the blog to get attention, you have to post 18-20 entries a day. It takes a lot of work. The laptop computer costs $2,000. Yikes. That's funny money. I would rather spend that on clothes, I smell like shit and it ain't funny (I don't really smell that bad). I really appreciate the people looking over my blog.

" Crazy Thing To Do Today" thought: Sit along side traffic on the sidewalk in a lawnchair, holding up a sign that says: 'Honk If You're A Queen.' (Ha-Ha)