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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I thought that I might write about something different today because it crossed my mind. I asked myself and another person if someone is more likely to be successful with family support. I also thought about what happens to someone who doesn't have that kind of support. I've encountered people in my life who clearly do not have support and need it.... but I've also encountered people who do. The people who do seem to be happier..... but what transpired in my mind is the fact that people are disengaging themselves with other people.

I feel that I will become successful whether I get the support or not because I'm a persistent person. I tend to ignore the ills of society..... even though the ills are visible.... but I also make an attempt to shy away from becoming ignorant. My attitude is that if one person is not willing to help then another person is. When one door closes then another one does. Some of the most successful people were rejected beforehand. How would I define my success? It would be when I am able to get whatever it is that I want when I want it.

Success.... of course.... is defined differently with other people. The ultimate reward is when someone else or other people can call you successful. I do have my moments of doubt because.... what would happen if there was a major blackout or earthquake that would cause people to turn to each other? It would most certainly feel awkward to do so during a disaster because of what I see on a daily basis. I always avoid anger and confrontation but what I realize is that maybe those people who exhibit those emotions do so because they are afraid.

What I do is always understand what I'm feeling as to not fall into an abyss. I can only imagine how some people feel... it must be like swimming through the deepest waters of the earth. I guess that I'm writing this as an expression of slight concern about what I see in modern society..... but it's not like it hasn't happened in the past. History depicts the nature of people through time..... and how poverty is dealt with as well as viewed..... so I look at what has changed...... which... uh.... well..... our lives are definitely simpler. I do think that the human race is progressing..... but..... well.... I'll leave that up to the person to decide. I've made my decisions about it.