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Monday, April 10, 2006


Well, it's Monday, the start of the work week for most people. I had an interesting day yesterday, Sunday. I was walking down Santa Monica Boulevard on my way to a friends house when I stopped someone who was looking at a copy of the New York Post in a vending machine. I asked him if he was from New York and he said yes. We talked for two hours after that about various topics. It turns out, he's a plastic surgeon! Cool! He was not a happy camper, though. He was disappointed in the country in general. He made interesting comments that made me think. It was a pretty cool conversation in general, you don't meet a lot of industry professionals walking down the street in West Hollywood. You just don't. He knows a lot about hormonal therapy for men. Men generally lose their hormones when they approach mid-age, which can lead to depression. Depression then can lead to cancer and various other ailments. Pretty frightening. I gave him my number in the hopes of seeing him again.