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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Somethin's Amiss

I am no longer able to stay at this person's home. He did not give me an explanation but I can only guess. This same situation occurred a few months ago when a schizophrenic (he openly admits) offered me a place to stay and then retracted that offer the next day because he realized he would not be able to accommodate me. The building he lived in was managed by the city, I presume, as part of an effort to house mentally ill people. So now I must be patient, waiting three months to reapply for "General Relief" and the "Grow Program", which are both sponsored by the county of Los Angeles, to obtain a voucher for an SRO (single room occupancy unit) downtown in a safe, clean, guarded building amongst the chaotic atmosphere in that area (skid row). In the meantime, I must suffer, compromising myself to stay somewhere. I will not go to a shelter to join a "rehabilitation program" because I have not reached that state yet. It takes a strong mind to resist temptation. I will continue writing on this blog and working parttime as well as trying to reestablish my credit. I cannot afford to have my attention averted by an intensified "program" designed to redirect people back into the workforce.