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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Jerry Seinfeld- Shoshanna Lonstein

This was one of more stranger encounters that I've had. It happened in 1996... I think..... in front of a Noah's Bagels in West Hollywood on a sunny day. I saw a gray Porsche and for some reason knew that it was Jerry Seinfeld who was driving it.... I guess it was instinct or something..... maybe it's a gift of some sort.... who knows.

I then left the place before I could actually see Jerry Seinfeld but came back a few minutes later because I guess that I wanted to get something from the place.... their bagels are delicious. As I was walking into the cafe..... him and his then girlfriend were sitting at a table and gave me the strangest look. I didn't know what to do but I got the impression that they were having a good time. They both looked at me as if they admired the way I looked... or something....I can't necessarily describe the look but it was a funny one nevertheless.

It was interesting time back in those days and it was also a time when Seinfeld was on television and doing extraordinarily well. It was an excellent show and I pretty much got the humor most of the time but what made it funny was the fact that the characters were vulnerable. The creator of the show who is Larry David will be in the new Three Stooges movie and he is playing a nun! Jerry Seinfeld went on to create an advertising agency and also produced an animated film about bees.... which I liked.

The movie made me like bees! How about that? Have you ever had a bee fly into your eye before.... though? I have had one fly into mine.... not fun. Ironically...... the restaurant where Jerry Seinfeld proposed to his current wife is the same restaurant where I ended up getting a job a few years later! Now..... I just need a show on television and it needs to be syndicated.