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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Bryan Singer

This one happened in West Hollywood a few years back. I had a great night out and was leaving someone's apartment when I see a plant that's on the street without a pot. My first instinct is to rescue it so I pick it up while attempting to keep it intact. I make a pit stop at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafe and sit down at an outside table with a cup of coffee as well as the plant to think about what I should do with the poor plant when I realize that Bryan Singer is one table away from me with his staff of people.

At first I want to go to his table to say hello but feel like it's not a good idea to disturb him so I just sit at the table with the plant and cup of coffee to listen in on the conversation instead. It was hard to hear anything and I kept on glancing at him so I guess that I kind of freaked him out. Here's a guy who can make someone famous overnight..... know what I mean? They love to watch people and if they see someone who they think that they can turn into a star.... then believe me.... they'll approach you. It's usually not a good idea to approach them. I get the impression that they don't appreciate that..... but some successful people in the industry have done exactly that.

I guess that the group of people at the other table were kind of curious about the plant since it didn't have  a pot and I kept on pouring water onto it to keep it from drying up. Bryan Singer finally got up to get into his car when I hear one of his staff telling him that he has a new stalker and I had no idea of what they were talking about but I guess that's how some of those industry type think. I then got up and took the plant over to a supermarket that sold plants to give it to them. I told them to take care of it. Isn't that nice?

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