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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Ron Welty

Ron Welty was the drummer for the Offspring for a few years before starting his own band called Steady Ground after being booted by the other members of the Offspring. I've actually met all the members of the band when someone invited me to one of their concerts in San Francisco back when they were steaming hot. I got to meet them backstage after the show. The singer is tall and the show was fantastic.

Little did I know that I would be auditioning for Steady Ground a few years later. I got an email response to my ad that expressed their interest in bringing me in to audition but the audition went bust when I was attacked three weeks prior and left with a sprained knee. The song that I had to sing was alright but it was difficult to sing with all the pain that I was feeling which made me feel rather insecure in front of one of the biggest drummers in the world. The Offspring have sold millions of records.

I did not get to join the band called Steady Ground but I did get to meet the drummer. It was cool to stand in front of him as he pounded away on his drum set. I think back about that audition and think about the oddities of life. Part of the reason why I'm mentioning these encounters is because of how I think of life and happenstances of it. I just love it when two and two go together.

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