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Friday, June 24, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/ Hank Azaria

I've recently had the pleasure of interviewing Hank Azaria because I was covering a press event for the Smurfs movie in which he plays the villain called Gargamel. He is multi-faceted and involved in pretty much every aspect of the film as well as the television business because he's producing along with directing several features. He also voices several memorable characters for the Simpsons television show but one of my favorite characters that he has played in the past was the one in the Birdcage which was that of a gay butler to Robin William's and Nathan Lane's characters. That movie was a riot from beginning to the end and Hank Azaria is quoted as saying that he grandmother influenced him for that role. How funny! One of the questions that I asked him was who influenced him for the Gargamel character and he said that his mother did. Imagine that! I had so much fun at the press event because the press people got insight into how the Smurfs were created via software and how the movie came to be in the first I got a Smurf!