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Monday, May 08, 2006

Interesting Weekend

I should actually title this particular post...Wow...with a capital w. It was an interesting weekend because...after checking out of the motel room Saturday and mingling with the public, I encountered about two or three interesting people. One was a writer with a treatment and a script written based on his life. He was scant with his ideas, referring to himself as a genius with an I.Q. score of 190. I was sympathetic, though, when I asked him if he had registered his work with the Writer's Guild of America. He did not. He then handed me his card and said, "Help me. ". Today, I emailed the correct information to him pertaining registering his script. If you do not register your work, you are screwed. Someone else is going to make millions off of your idea. I then met another fellow yesterday. After asking him for a cigarette, he gives me one and pokes me in the abdomen with his forefinger. It was quite a strong poke, targeting a very specific area in the abdomen, so I asked him if he was ever in the military. He then confided he was an ex-CIA covert. "I could kill you with this plastic card", he said after pulling out his Ralph's Club Card. He makes a horizontal gesture, side to side, displaying his "skills". He then tells me he's killed 900 people over the years, as his job. He was very intimidating. I was not surprised to hear that but quickly was on my way. Those are just some of the kind of people you may meet as you are alone on your quest for housing. I have just a few more weeks to wait until I can reapply for General Relief.