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Friday, April 15, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities

There was this one time a few years ago in the Max Protech gallery in Chelsea when I was exiting and this woman with a man walks in. The woman looked perculiar because she had on a wig and oversized sunglasses that you wear over your glasses..... but she had this gorgeous oversized calf-skin purse which the guy was also carrying on his shoulder. The woman's height only reached my shoulder and as she walked in was when she looked at me then the gallery exhibit before quickly exiting but when the guy who was massively tall smiled at me was when I figured out that it was Madonna.

It was one of those moments that when you had to do a double-take. I'm a big fan of Madonna.... but it was a bit late to say hi to her when I figured out who she was. I'm amazed at how celebrities appear in person after seeing them for the first time. It's amazing how technology can make a person appear on a screen. The disguise might've been clever but I was still able to figure out who she was. How many people walk around with a wig on their head and oversized sunglasses while wearing an oversized calf-skin purse? New York City is a vibrant place while it is expensive and the encounters that a person could have are spaztic to say the least.