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Saturday, April 09, 2011

I haven't written in this blog for a bit... but I thought that I'd give it another go. It's been about 5 years and I've lived alot since my last post. I feel that I've gained so much...... and have lost nothing besides my cellphone as well as my identification recently... which I have replaced.... of course. I've also gained insight into what projects that I want to work on. I'm creating art and I'm going to self-publish a book of poetry...... to see if a publishing company will pick it up. I'm excited about all this new technology that's coming out and can't wait until I can get an iPad 2. They are marvelous machines.

There's alot of turmoil going on around the world thus far but I feel as if things will be just fine. Every now and then is when things go awry..... I guess that it's just nature at work. I've met alot of people since my last post.... of course.. and hopefully some of those people will be people with whom I'll be working with in some way or another. I also might be getting a non-paying job of reviewing movies and concerts.... which would be awesome because it'll allow me to meet people who are in those fields. I have had amazing jobs in the past. One of them was working for Sony Music Studios. On the first night of training was when my boss revealed to me that Michael Jackson was scheduled to record there and that my job would be to accommodate him.

My reaction was subtle...... and I didn't think anything of it back then...... because I felt that it was a job..... but I was set on doing the best. They had hired me because of my previous experience as a room service attendant in a Beverly Hills hotel that was on Rodeo Drive. I got that job when I was 19 and it was physically demanding because I had to carry the tray of food up above my head. I loved every minute of that job...... even though I was not getting tipped. I had the shitty morning shift which started at six o'clock in the morning and went on until eleven o'clock in the afternoon. I guess the morning guests were grumpy.

I did have a conversation with a CEO of a major record label who was in the elevator with me as we were going up to the penthouse. That was cool. That whole experience gave me insight into how the well-to-do live...... and it ain't bad...... it is awesome. I wouldn't mind living poor..... because I feel that I don't need alot..... but I wouldn't mind having those...... essential items that enhance life...... like a Lotus sports car....... and a couple of pairs of John Varvatos shoes. Chances are that I will not be living poor because I'm somebody who gets what I want and somebody who is persistent.