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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Sky's The Limit

Have you ever heard that saying? You would need a rocket to go further, preferably fueled with sugar. My friend is in town from Orlando, Florida. I'm going to meet with him. I have another friend who just won an award and a prize for his film, the catch is the money can only be used for post-production. Too bad. It would've been one hell of a party, $130,000.

Now that the weather is fair, everyone seems to be in a "good" mood. Well, gosh, I guess that means people will be "nice" to each other. Fuck off, freaks. If you can't be nice on a foggy day, don't be nice at all. Do everyone else a favor with emotional intelligence, jump off a bridge or take some prozac, I did, it did wonders for me. Besides, have you ever heard of common courtesy? Have heard the term "no worries"? I'm sick of those sorority skanky hoes in flip-flops saying that, it annoys the fuck out of me. Goddamn neo-hippies and peace-mongerers. Is there anything better to do than put two fingers up and smoke pot? Or anything else for that matter, that's illegal?

I read in the paper today, the city of Los Angeles will finally be taking action against firms that push tenants out of rent-controlled buildings. Finally? What the fuck were they waiting for? Zombies to gather outside cityhall to eat their flesh? Dum fucks. After six years of this gentrification bullshit, people are starting to realize poor people are the one's getting thrown out on to the streets.

It's about time we get out of this zombie mode we're in (it is fear, which paralyzes people) and get to work on some goddamn (no, I'm not going to hell using that term) issues here. There was, for a while, a trend going on. Buildings torn down, buildings going up. What opens up near those buildings? Starbucks. Or one of those other pathetic franchises stuck in the same building (if you notice, there usually a security guard not too far away). Corporate fare at it's finest.

We need to snap out of it. Shake it off, whatever evil thought that's on the back of people's minds. Stop being stuck on stupid. You know what I'm talking about. Reprogram yourself.

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"Crazy Thing To Do Today" thought: Buy all the tickets for one movie showing and sit there, watching the movie alone, while someone blows you off. Ha-Ha.