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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Falling Out

I had two falling outs last night with two different people. They were both similar in that both people felt I was just an 'acquaintance'. I asked one person, who I met a couple of years ago, if he was interested in a friendship and his reply was no. He was also not interested in what I had to say at all. Yuck! The other person is someone I met a year ago, when I first arrived here in L.A. Basically, he gave me the same story. Oh, well, what are you going to do? I have received an email from Google Adsense about posting ads on this blog. There's an application process. At this particular time, my blog does not fit their criteria. In other words, they won't be posting ads anytime soon. I won't despair. I was counting on that, though. It's a terrific way to make money, getting revenue from traffic to your blog. It is a gorgeous day today. I hope it will stay that way. I am beginning to receive comments via email. Cool! Last night was hell though. I didn't get sleep at all because I left a person's house at about three or four in the morning, after having an argument with them about friendship. I was shocked, to say the least so I went to a supermarket and got some coffee in a can(you know what brand I'm talking about). I then waited until a coffeeshop would open, at around six in the morning and got myself a cup of fresh, delicious coffee on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. The gentleman there was very nice to me. He gave me the cup of coffee for free! Wow. So, I sat there, looking at the billboards. There are huge, gigantic billboards all over L.A. and they're fun to look at because they're inspirational. They give me a sense of where pop culture is headed in terms of movies and film. I felt as if I was hallucinating because of sleep deprivation. It's not the first time but yuck! You start to get into a pissy mood, irritable. The coffee defintely helped, though, it woke me up. I'm not upset or disappointed with the two people I had a falling out with, I always get the last laugh.