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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Crazy cronies crooning.
Creepy creatures crawling.
Crystal creamy critters carousing.
Crappy cats colliding.
Crescent Heights craving cash.
Cranial cast creeping cowardly candid.
Crescendo Christ craning collectively.
Crapshoot cantor crazily christening chorus.
Canaries constantly canning coins.
I thought someone might appreciate a little wordplay.

Stray Cats

I've noticed there are a lot of stray cats wandering around, especially in areas I frequently go to. There was a woman walking down Burton Way in Beverly Hills clutching a box of cat treats close to her breasts. She was calling out "Nicky", "Nicky". She had lost her cat. After describing what the cat looked like to me, I mentioned an area in West Hollywood where I may have seen a cat similar to hers wandering. I then asked her, "Do I get a reward if you find the cat?". eShe said, "You just did.". I said, "Yeah, what was that?". She said, "A good feeling.". "I didn't get a good feeling.", I said. I then said, "Could you give me a good feeling?" (use your imagination). Has anybody ever seen the movie "Vanilla Sky"? There's a scene in which Penelope Cruz's character says to Tom Cruise's character, "I'll tell you in another lifetime, when we're both cats.". It was difficult for me to sleep last night, in an alleyway. I don't have a pillow, so I used newspapers stacked up yay high. It was very uncomfortable. There were helicopters buzzing in the sky and sirens wailing all the time. Pure pandemonium. I managed to get some shut eye. I took off my sneakers, giving my feet a rest. I rarely do that, for fear someone will take them. There were other homeless people sleeping nearby. That's not a good sign. It's a condensed space, which means trouble. I'm not going there tonight. Someone emailed me yesterday, commenting on the blog, calling it one of their favorite's. They also said thank's. Your welcome. I hope you will find entertaining. I do. Cool. I hope it's someone famous (just kidding). Here's another " Crazy Thing To Do Today" Thought:

Walk into a Victoria's Secret store in a naked body suit and prance around.