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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/David Copperfield

The first time that I saw David Copperfield was at the opening of the ill-fated Fashion Cafe in Rockerfeller Center in New York City back in 1994. A former friend of mine named Jade had the ability to put herself onto a guestlist by fabricating a name of someone famous and that name would usually be of someone who had passed away. She wanted to meet Michael Stipe so that he could possible produce a movie out of a poem that she had written about River Pheonix.

There was no interaction between me and David Copperfield back then because he was with Claudia Schiffer who was his wife back then and he was not accessible. I encountered him again a few years later in front of a Marc Jacobs fashion show that was being done for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in the Maritime Hotel in New York City.

I was at the entrance of the show while watching the models leave and he appeared so I walked with him in the hopes of him getting me into the afterparty but no dice. That's usually a trick that an unknown person could use to get into a private and high-profile party.

The show was located across the street from the projects in Chelsea and the kids were throwing rocks at the people as they were going to the private party which made for a big scene. The kids also stold some of the gift bags that were meant for the fashion show and private party guests which I found to be a bit funny because it was like the kids were saying that they desereved the bags. It was also funny to watch the huge bodyguards swatting these kids away while dodging the pebbles and rocks.

P.S: I love models.