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Friday, May 12, 2006


I feel wonderful today, after having a cup of Latin American coffee at Pete's Coffee shop located in West Hollywood. It's because I was listening to classical music playing in the store. It's a great motivational factor. Music definitely helps you think and can set your mood. What was I thinking about? The tyrannies of society. What I've discovered long ago was that, over the years, I have constantly looked for a way to express myself artistically. There are people that are born with that creative aspect but it cannot be fully developed in the wrong environment. Then you are lead into the workforce and forced to suppress those talents. I have been fortunate to experience euphoria through music, thus healing myself, quelling my pain. Once a person can do that, intelligence takes place and you find your ambition. What a wonderful thing, it's empowering. I look for inspiration from nature, billboards advertising products and people. I watch and observe, as well as listen, to everything going on. Then I process it in my mind. Pretty fascinating, huh? Imagine yourself poor, in a four-star restaurant, watching the uppercrust of society dine. Madonna did it. Or reading Vanity Fair magazine. Or watching a period film. You observe and learn. That's what little, itty, bitsy, cutesy, wootsy kids do. They watch everything. I like to watch birds, especially, I think, sparrows, snow pigeons and baby crows. I'm not sure what sort of species they are but they are adorable. I also like looking at beautiful cars float by on the street, as they are passing through traffic. This morning, I saw a gorgeous Lotus. I asked the owner, " How much did that set you back?". "$60,000", he replied. That's not a bad price for a sports car that goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds. That's a lot of gas, though. With gas at $4.00 per gallon, you would need a hefty bank account. I told him, after he said to me how much he paid for his car, "Oh, that's one script.".