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Monday, May 22, 2006

Relentless Rain

Boy, has it been raining. It's bizarre. It's the end of May and the rain persists. Why do I whine about it, you might ask? It's because when you're homeless, you have to scout constantly for a new area in which to call home for the night. Last night, I found a couch (again) and guess what, there was a bonus. A rug included on top of the couch. It came in handy. It was cloudy all day yesterday. There was not a single spot of sun. It was relentless. Then, a little after 9 pm, the shit hit the fan. It just started pouring. That's when the rug came in handy, it provided cover for me but not for long. There was first a drizzle, light sprinkles, then it started to pour. Even though I had the rug for cover, pretty soon I was soaking wet. In my mind, I had to make a quick decision. Should I stay under the rug, or go. I was contemplating staying because on Friday, I bought myself some clothing, instead of staying in a motel room for one or two nights. I bought some leather sandals and a pair of pants, along with a jacket. I had to consider the leather sandals getting wet. Once leather gets wet, you have to recondition it. Or, you can weatherproof it beforehand, which I didn't do. I decided to take off. The rug started leaking anyway, failing to provide cover from the rain for me. A cardboard box would've been more handy. A mentally ill man was rummaging through the dumpster right behind me last night, the noise depriving me of sleep. It was very frightening. The experience, between the noise (there were no helicopters in the air) and the rain, the fear of getting wet, trying to stay warm as well. Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest. I'll be going to the Department of Public Social Services this week, I think the 30 day sanction has been lifted (if you do not complete the G.R.O.W. program, you are penalized for a certain period of time before you can apply again).

"Crazy Thing To Do Today" Thought: Throw your head back and open your mouth while it's raining.