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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Elliot Smith And Rick Allen Of Def Leppard

Yes... you read it right... I've had encounters with members of Def Leppard...... but on two separate occasions! Rock stars seem to like Santa Monica because I've met or have seen a lot of them there.... maybe it's because they were on their way to Malibu. I was sitting on a bench in Santa Monica that was along side a street on Santa Monica Boulevard when I met Joe Elliot.

He's the lead singer and was driving a gorgeous metallic-colored Ferrari convertible.... which is what I would be driving if I had that kind of money.... but what struck me as odd was the fact that some dude was sitting in the passenger seat with him. He looked kind of gay... perhaps like a twink... but with a beard. Joe Elliot looked at me and I was looking at the both of them while trying to sum things up.... because it was kind of weird. I guess that rock stars have their quirks... I mean... they have to... since they lead such interesting lives.

The other member of Def Leppard was Rick Allen. He had an unfortunate motorcycle accident ....a few years back...that left him with just one arm and it's amazing that he can still play the drums! They designed a special drum kit for him that would allow him to use the snare drum... but I don't know how he does it. I met him on Wishire Boulevard in Santa Monica when he was with his girlfriend and I think that his girlfriend plays guitar because she was carrying one. I can't imagine Rick Allen playing one.