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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/David Duchovny

I met him back a few years ago when he had just started doing Californication on HBO which they are filming all over Hollywood now. I needed a cup of coffee so I asked him for seventy-five cents and he said no! Ugh.... it sucks when people with money don't help out but I was mad for just a minute. Besides..... he wasn't obligated to help me out. He was with some guy and they were both waiting outside on a bench for a table. Can you believe that? What celebrity do you know who waits for a table? I'm not a celebrity and I wouldn't wait for a fucken table.... fuck that! I guess that he was pissed about waiting and maybe that's why he wouldn't give me seventy-five cents..... who knows. I got the coffee anyway.... so pooh!

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