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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

2nd Entry

This is my second entry. It is a Wednesday in Los Angeles and rainstorm prevented me from posting a blog yesterday, Tuesday. I, from time to time, walk the streets of L.A. to see who I meet. I met an interesting person Monday night who is giving me a place to stay. He lives in a studio in Hollywood. I stayed with him Monday night and last night. I suppose I will be staying with him tonight. What does he want in return? I don't know. Intriguing indeed. I went to the Department of Public Social Services in West L.A. today. It's a place where you get General Relief and Food Stamps. They also assist you in getting a job. I had originally applied for these government benefits nine months ago. Without a place to live though, it is difficult to pursue gainful employment of some sort. Nine months later, I am still struggling. Why? I wasn't stabilized. There are SRO's (single room occupancy units) located in downtown L.A. where I could've been staying but I didn't find out about these accommodations until it was too late. I found out today I will have to reapply for these particular benefits. These programs, I believe, are worth participating in but you must do research, I've learned, in order to take full advantage. I will be posting a photo of myself soon. I would like to share with the public my experiences because I believe people should know what is going on in society today with people my age.

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