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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Almost There

It's another beautiful day here in Southern California. The weather works out well for me. Since summer is prematurely here, it's a great time to head to the beach, which ever you prefer and make the best of the sun. Throw a blanket on the sand, prop up a umbrella, crack open a bottle of Corona Light from your ice-filled cooler and darken that skin. Then, go home, take a shower and throw on a white, double-breasted suit, slick-back your hair and you're set for the night. Don't forget the cigars. That's what I would do. There's plenty to do at the beach besides tanning. You can rollerblade, play basketball, walk around window-shopping, you get the picture.

It's almost time for me to reapply at the D.P.S.S. agency. It is ironic I endured the winter season without the benefits of housing. It infuriates me just thinking about it. While I was crossing the street today in Beverly Hills, I came across an unmarked Ford Thunderbird. It was a unique looking car, so I took a look at the driver. The driver saw me and acknowledged me. It turns out he was present at the time I was arrested last Tuesday. He does not look like a policeman or a detective. Hmmm. Very frightening. The next time I see I will ask him who he works for. Can I do that? Would it be safe to do that? I'm going to find out. When I do see him, I will ask him the real reason why I was arrested. I'm sure the answer will be shocking.

"Crazy Thing To Do Today" Thought: Jump the velvet rope at a nightclub.

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