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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Leeeeeeeet The...Foghorn Sound

Boy, is it foggy today. There is a very thick fog hanging over the entire area of Los Angeles. It's not really a problem for me but the moisture in the air does make me sleepy. I slept on a couch last night after singing for five hours at a place called The Palms, on Santa Monica Boulevard across from the Ramada Inn. It was awesome. I gave my singing voice excercise. For all you freaks out there who are questioning my reason for being in a bar, get a life.

Eventually, I will put a contemporary R&B band together. I don't care if I just sing at Bar Mitvah parties or any other kind of wedding party, I'm going to sing, damn it. I enjoy it as well as writing (although I don't enjoy writing as much, it makes me feel old). I did feel stiff while on stage at the bar because of my attire. My clothing does not fit me too well. No, I'm not satisfied with what I got. Why should I be? I deserve more and better than what I have (or maybe I'm just deluded with narcissism, ha-ha). I think someday, I will make it as a writer or artist but for now, I just feel like I'm a million years old. Gross.

"Crazy Thing To Do Today" Thought: Dance while waiting to cross the street.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Rickie,
San Diego was very foggy too ... glad you are still writing, I have bookmarked your page and check for updates everyday.
Sucks that you have to wait for 2 more months, just be patient.. I am sure it will work out.
When you make it as a writer & artist (who says you can't have both) I'd love to read/see/listen to your work.
Try to stay dry :-)