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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities

I was once on TMZ because I was talking to a camera man who was standing outside of the Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard. He found me interesting enough to film and I had just left a bar so I was a bit drunk. I don't remember what I said but the next day was when I was approached by a few people who told me that I was featured in the television show the night before.

I was shocked at first because I wasn't told that I was going to be on T.V. but I guess that they don't need permission if it's done on the street.... or something like that. I immediately contacted their lawyer and spoke with him because I thought that the clip would decrease my chances of employment. I was not able to see the video clip that I was in because it is owned by the Fox Television corporation so I was not able to present it to a lawyer who could potentially represent me in a suit.

I ran into Harvey Levin about a year later in Century City and mentioned that I was featured on TMZ with him  commenting about my state of mind then. I then told him that I was afraid that a potential employer might recognize me from that particular show and that it would hinder my chances of employment. He was in a hurry but he showed a bit of concern. He seems like a nice guy and he is a smart one being that he has practiced law in the past. His other show was the People's Court but I don't know if his company still produces that.

I don't feel like I was exploited because I came up with the conclusion that it wouldn't necessarily harm my image in the future after thinking about it. Numerous people were and are filmed to featured on TMZ as part of a story that usually consists of some sort of altercation but I was featured as part of a comical type of story on that day.

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