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Friday, June 03, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Will Smith

Will Smith was filming a movie when I met him.... although...I forget which one he was doing. It was in the Meat-packing District in New York City a few years ago and he was pretty much by himself with one bodyguard with him.

He was approachable and nice while sitting in front of his two story trailer that he takes with him everywhere whenever he is shooting. The trailer is huge! I have no idea how they lug it around when necessary. I said hi to him as he was taking a break from shooting the movie that he was doing.

I had forgotten to ask him what movie it was that he was doing but I guess it was because I was a bit starstruck. I grew up watching him on television as the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air which was a great show. I am also a fan of him movies as well. My favorite is Six Degrees Of Separation in which he plays a hustler or con man-type who needles his way into people's homes. I also liked watching Men In Black and the sequel to it as well.

He seems to be the quintessential movie star who everybody likes because he does have huge box-office draw. Independence Day was another fantastic movie in which he plays someone from the military who is assigned to go after the aliens after they have attacked the world and want to take it over.

He is currently working on the third sequel for Men In Black.... which will be filmed in 3-D. His daughter is garnering success now as a performer and is known as Willow Smith as well as his son who is Jaden Smith. He starred in the revision of the Karate Kid and I am sure that there will be sequels to come.

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