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Monday, June 12, 2006

When The Dust Settles

An anonymous commenter asked, " What would I do if the dog said 'yes' (woof)?". It depends on how you would have interpreted the bark. If you interpreted the bark as yes, roll around on the floor and kiss each other, I guess. The possibilities are endless. (Just use a condomn).

I realize how lucky I am. I've just read the front page of the USA Today newspaper (today's edition) and realize how lucky I am. The article on the front page reads that many college graduates are in debt $100,000. It going to take them 30 years to pay it back. I'm only in debt $6,000. Ha-Ha. Kudos to me. Someday, I will be rich. Why? My credit rating will higher than most people my age and I will be able to take out a loan at a much lower interest rate to start a business. I will start a business someday.

In the meantime, if you have a cat and it purrs...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rickie,
Forgot to sign my name at the end yesterday... what's this thing with animals... "if you have a cat and it purrs.." are you talking about a cat literally or... (I don't like cats much anyway and I am afraid of dogs..)
Take care,