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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Benjamin Bratt

I walked into a store called R.E.I. a few years ago that is located in Santa Monica and the first thing that I see is this tall man who was dressed in synthetic fibers so I asked him if he worked there. I then realized that the tall man was Benjamin Bratt! He looked a bit annoyed when I asked him the question so I then apologized after realizing who he was. He was with his wife and kids.

How funny is that? I've had funny encounters like that before and sometimes I like to just play around with people. I'll ask a guy who works for UPS if he likes working for Fed Ex and vice versa. People can be touchy so I'm careful at times when talking to people on the street because you never know but they just might blow off their top on you. Ouch! I certainly don't want to be attacked by some crazed person.

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