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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman recorded in the Sony Music Studios as well....and along with Jennifer Lopez...among others. The clients who recorded there were high-profile so I had to do my best to cater to them.....but all that Tracy Chapman wanted was some popcorn.

That was easy to come up with. I guess that she was there to work on a new album and this was back in 2000. I just simply heated up the popcorn in a microwave oven and placed the bag unopened into a black container so that it would still be hot when she got it. I wouldn't want her to eat cold popcorn!

She eventually left.... but the limo driver was not prepared for her because he was not in front of the building when it was raining outside! She refused to leave the building until the limo was parked directly in front of it. I wouldn't have either....know what I'm sayin'? The facility had numerous recording studios along with a sound stage as well as mastering rooms. It was a huge place!

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