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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Gary Busey

I was in Malibu once in a mall when I see Gary Busey and tried to say something to him .... like what's up.... but he was talking on his cellphone. What struck me as funny was the fact that he was murmuring into his cellphone and not actually pronouncing any words. I met him after his highly-publicized mental breakdown.... which... in his defense.... is bound to happen... especially with his past movie experience.

He's described as someone who " often plays weird or psychotic characters with bizarre background. " on the site and that makes sense to me since he seems to parlay the character who is tortured in some way... so when I saw him then I just went my own way.... know what I'm sayin'? It wasn't that I was afraid of him but it was just that I wanted to give him his own space. He seems like a cool guy and is quite entertaining. I would put him in a movie if I was doing one. He's now doing a movie called Veteran's Day with Daryl Hannah.

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