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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Encounters With Celebrities/Woody Harrelson

I met Woody Harrelson a few years ago when he was with his kid from him and his girlfriend. It was an odd encounter because I absolutely love his character in Natural Born Killers so took the liberty of using a curse word to express my joy of seeing him. He didn't seem to mind but I walked away while asking myself as to why I would make a fool of myself in front of his kid. I guess that I didn't since he didn't seem to mind. He is one of my favorite actors. He always seems to play characters that are edgy.... which is what I like..... never mind the subtle character that an actor may or may not play.

Mickey Knox was a heroic-type of character from Natural Born Killers that people rooted for because of his tenacious and fearless nature. Juliette Lewis played her character along side Woody Harrelson with ease and she was just as naughty as well as filthy. I've actually met couples of that nature. If a person who is reading this post hasn't seen it then.... do it! It's well worth the two hours of your time. It's also got Robert Downey Junior as a flummoxed journalist who is covering a prison riot that Mickey and Mallory Knox are involved in and Tommy Lee Jones plays the warden. The riot is designed so that the two serial people can escape.

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